Revolution of road safety facilities
Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract with the Public Procurement Service
Releasing the world’s first roller-type fixture!!

U.S. M.A.S.H. TL3 (for expressways), TL4 (for high-speed dangerous roads) standards
Europe EN1317 H1 (for expressways), H2 (for high-speed dangerous roads) standards
Passed crash tests!

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Safety roller barrier

Steel guardrail

Median strip

Bridge guardrail

Sidewalk guardrail

Design-type fence

Mesh-type fence

Soundproof walls

Bus platform

Divisional strip

Steel street light


  • Selected as an Excellent Employment Company in Jeollabuk-do in 2017
  • Designated as excellent product by PPS (open type, 2W type, 3W type)

Company awarded Korea’s Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit
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