Steel guardrail

Guardrail on elevated ground

Guidelines on installation and management of road safety facilities (revised in November 2012)
“In principle, products that pass the slope face crash test on elevated ground must be used”

[Installation method of roadside crash barriers on elevated ground]
1) As the field bearing power of elevated ground – 1:1.5 (V:H) ‑ is similar to that of the test site, it’s possible to install roadside crash barriers that passed the full scale crash test on elevated ground without measuring the field bearing power.

2) In the case of installing roadside crash barriers in which the field bearing power is less than 90% of that of the test site on elevated ground, it is necessary to bolster the field bearing power by   1) increasing the depth of posts 2) installing a back-up plate or a proper combination of 1) and 2), or in other verifiable ways.

PosMAC open guardrail on elevated ground  [SB2, SB3, SB4, SB5 degree]

SB2 degree
SB3 degree
SB4 degree